Can Squirrels Eat Bread?

Squirrels are known for their love of nuts, but did you know they can also eat bread? Yes, it’s true! Squirrels can eat bread, which can be a great source of nutrition. 

In this article, we’ll explore why squirrels can eat bread, what types of bread are safe for them, and how to feed bread to squirrels. 

So, if you’re wondering if squirrels can eat bread, the answer is yes! Read on to learn more about this fascinating topic.

What Do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists of various items, including nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, and insects. 

They also eat eggs, small birds, and small mammals. In urban areas, squirrels have been known to eat food scraps from human garbage cans. To ensure a healthy diet, providing squirrels with various foods is essential. 

This can include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other items. Providing clean, fresh water is also essential for a squirrel’s health.

Can Squirrels Eat Bread?

Yes, squirrels can eat bread, but it should not be a significant part of their diet. Bread is not a natural food for squirrels and can cause digestive issues if consumed in large amounts. 

Bread is also high in carbohydrates and low in essential nutrients, so it should only be given to squirrels as an occasional treat. It is best to provide squirrels with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to ensure they get the nutrition they need.

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Benefits of Feeding Bread to Squirrels

Feeding bread to squirrels can be a fun and rewarding activity for the squirrels and those who provide them. It can also be beneficial to squirrels in several ways. 

  • First, bread provides a source of nutrition for squirrels. Bread is high in carbohydrates, which provide energy for squirrels. It also contains some protein, vitamins, and minerals, which can help squirrels stay healthy. 
  • Second, feeding bread to squirrels can help them build trust with humans. When squirrels are regularly fed, they become more comfortable around people and may even approach them for food. This can help create a positive relationship between humans and wildlife. 
  • Third, feeding bread to squirrels can help keep them away from other food sources, such as bird feeders. This can help prevent the spread of disease and keep bird populations healthy. 

Finally, feeding bread to squirrels can be a great way to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Watching squirrels interact with each other and humans can be a fun and educational experience. 

Potential Risks of Feeding Bread to Squirrels

Feeding bread to squirrels can be fun but can also be detrimental to their health. Bread is high in carbohydrates and low in essential nutrients so it can lead to nutritional deficiencies in squirrels. 

Additionally, bread can cause digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and diarrhoea. 

Bread can also attract other animals, such as rats and mice, which can be a nuisance and spread disease. Finally, bread can be a choking hazard for squirrels, especially if not broken into small pieces. 

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Therefore, it is essential to be mindful when feeding squirrels bread and provide them with a balanced diet that includes other healthy foods.

Can Squirrels Eat Bread?
Can Squirrels Eat Bread?

Tips for Feeding Bread to Squirrels

Feeding bread to squirrels can be fun, but it is essential to do it in a way that is safe and healthy for the squirrels. Here are some tips for feeding bread to squirrels:

  1. Choose whole-grain bread over white bread. Whole grain bread is higher in fibre and other nutrients essential for the squirrels’ health.
  2. Avoid feeding the squirrels bread that is mouldy or stale. Moldy or stale bread can make the squirrels sick.
  3. Break the bread into small pieces before feeding it to the squirrels. This will make it easier for them to eat and digest.
  4. Don’t feed the squirrels too much bread. Bread should only be a small part of their diet.
  5. Make sure to provide the squirrels with fresh water. This will help them stay hydrated and healthy.

Following these tips will help ensure that the squirrels stay healthy and safe while you enjoy feeding them bread.


In conclusion, squirrels can eat bread, which should be a minor part of their diet. Bread is not a natural food for squirrels and can cause digestive issues if consumed in large amounts.

Providing squirrels with various natural foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables is best. This will ensure they get the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.

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